The Future of Mundane Tasks: Innovations Unveiled at CES 2022

The Future of Mundane Tasks: Innovations Unveiled at CES 2022

Every day, we perform mundane tasks that take up precious minutes of our time. However, technological advancements showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are revolutionizing even the most ordinary routines. One such innovation comes from French company Y-Brush, whose electric toothbrush in the shape of a “Y” has caught the attention of visitors. With the ability to thoroughly clean teeth in just twenty seconds, the Y-Brush challenges the conventional practice of brushing for two minutes. Already available in Europe, this time-saving gadget is making its way to the United States, priced at around $100. Say goodbye to endless minutes in front of the bathroom mirror and hello to efficient dental care.

Among the eye-catching displays at CES, Holoconnects, a Dutch company specializing in 3D holograms, offers an intriguing glimpse into the future. Gone are the days when holograms were confined to the realm of entertainment. Today, they are becoming increasingly widespread in various sectors. Holoconnects presents life-sized or miniaturized 3D holograms, projected within see-through box displays. These holograms can be placed on tables or hung on walls, creating an immersive experience for viewers. Furthermore, this company has leveraged ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence (AI) to develop interactive avatars, enabling public engagement without disrupting the real person. From virtual sommeliers to knowledgeable experts, these AI avatars bridge the gap between technology and human interaction.

In the realm of bathroom design, Kohler, a leading US kitchen and bathroom specialist, introduces Numi 2.0, a toilet that redefines luxury and convenience. This intelligently designed toilet anticipates the user’s needs to provide an elevated experience. As the user approaches, Numi opens automatically, and the seat is heated to a predetermined temperature for comfort. Once the task is completed, the toilet flushes with an appropriate amount of water, which adapts to the duration of use. It then proceeds to deodorize and disinfect, ensuring optimal hygiene. Numi 2.0 comes equipped with customizable showerheads and even includes a dryer. With a magnetic remote control or voice commands integrated with Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, operating this advanced toilet becomes effortless. Priced at $10,000 for the black version and $8,500 for the white version, Numi 2.0 exemplifies the pinnacle of smart toilet technology.

Japanese company Vixion introduces the Vixion01, a groundbreaking pair of autofocus glasses that eliminate the need for progressive lenses. By using sensors to measure distance, these glasses allow wearers to effortlessly focus on objects both near and far. Takuya Nonaka, one of the company’s leaders, explains that these glasses enable users to perceive fine details, such as the grain of wood. Additionally, with a battery life of up to ten hours, wearers can enjoy prolonged use before recharging. However, it is crucial to note that for safety reasons, these glasses should not be worn while driving or engaging in sports activities. Although currently available only in Japan and in a single design, the Vixion01 offers a glimpse into the potential of eyewear technology.

CES 2022 showcases a range of innovations revolutionizing mundane tasks. From toothbrushes that cut down brushing time to holograms that seamlessly integrate virtual and physical interactions, these advancements push the boundaries of everyday efficiency. Furthermore, smart toilets like Numi 2.0 offer unparalleled comfort and hygiene, transforming our bathroom experiences. Autofocus glasses, such as the Vixion01, pave the way for enhanced visual perception and convenience. As technology continues to evolve, these innovations underline the potential for a future where even the most ordinary tasks become seamlessly efficient.


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