The Odyssey Project: A Gaming Journey Through Time

The Odyssey Project: A Gaming Journey Through Time

French gaming nerds have a grand vision in mind – to create the world’s biggest video game museum, right near Disneyland Paris. Ludovic Charles, an avid collector, and Benoit Theveny, a popular YouTuber, are the masterminds behind the project. The Odyssey Project, named after the iconic Magnavox console from 1972, aims to showcase one of the largest collections of games ever assembled. With the desire for video games to be recognized as an integral part of our culture, this ambitious endeavor is gaining substantial support.

The heart of the Odyssey Project will undoubtedly be the extensive video game museum. Ludovic Charles, having spent the last two decades amassing an impressive collection of 2,200 consoles, is eager to share his treasures with the world. Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and many other game systems will find a new home within the walls of this gaming haven. Charles’s main motivation has always been to create a museum that provides an exhaustive overview of the evolution of video games, giving visitors a chance to experience firsthand their remarkable journey.

Benoit Theveny, also known as Tev to his million followers on YouTube, shares the vision of the Odyssey Project. He believes that video games should not be limited to a specific age group but rather celebrated by everyone. From toddlers immersed in Minecraft to seniors who played the first Pongs, Theveny wants the museum to be accessible to all. The goal is to honor the rich history of video games and recognize them as an essential part of our culture. Theveny’s passion for Japanese and geek culture further inspired the concept of creating a “Japanese village” within the complex, dedicated to Japan’s fascinating pop culture and cuisine.

Creating a video game museum on such a grand scale has its challenges, as demonstrated by previous attempts in France. The Pixel Museum, located near the German border, unfortunately closed its doors in 2020 after only three years of operation. Similarly, a museum of video games in La Defense, the financial district of Paris, lasted a mere 10 days. However, Ludovic Charles and Benoit Theveny are determined to learn from these setbacks and ensure the success of the Odyssey Project.

The museum, known as “Projet Odyssee” in French, is planned for an extensive greenfield site in Bussy-Saint-Georges, a suburb of eastern Paris. With the full support of the local mayor, who is already involved in an e-sports project, the team behind the Odyssey Project is confident in their endeavors. Construction is expected to commence in 2025, with the museum and entertainment village opening their doors to the public the following year.

The Odyssey Project has the potential to become a pilgrimage site for gaming enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. As the world’s largest video game museum, it promises to take visitors on a captivating journey through the history and evolution of this immersive medium. From iconic consoles to groundbreaking titles, it will honor the technological advancements and the impact video games have had on our society. The unique combination of the museum and the accompanying “Japanese village” will offer an unparalleled experience that ignites the imagination of visitors young and old.

The Odyssey Project represents a significant milestone in the recognition of video games as an integral part of our cultural heritage. Ludovic Charles and Benoit Theveny’s dedication to preserving the history of video games and sharing it with the world is commendable. The dream of a comprehensive and awe-inspiring video game museum is finally becoming a reality. With the support of gaming enthusiasts and the backing of local authorities, the Odyssey Project is poised to make its mark on the gaming world and leave a lasting legacy for future generations to cherish.


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