The Power of Party Play in “Pokemon Go” – Bringing Players Together

The Power of Party Play in “Pokemon Go” – Bringing Players Together

Niantic has always been focused on fostering a sense of community and togetherness among players in their games. With popular titles like “Pokemon Go” and “Monster Hunter Now,” they have successfully brought players together through events and cooperative gameplay. Now, Niantic seeks to amplify this feeling of camaraderie with the introduction of Party Play in “Pokemon Go.” This new feature allows players to team up in groups of up to four and engage in various activities such as catching Pokemon, spinning stops, and defeating raids.

Party Play can be accessed through the Trainer Profile, under a designated Party Tab. Players can create a party and generate a numerical or QR code that nearby friends can scan or enter. Once scanned or entered, the friends are seamlessly integrated into the game, appearing on the screen as they walk around together. The maximum party size is four, with a minimum of two, and the party leader can add new friends that players may meet along the way.

One of the key advantages of Party Play is the opportunity for friendly competition with rewarding incentives. Participants can earn Ultra Balls or Mega Beedrill energy by achieving specific goals set by the party leader, such as catching a certain number of Pokemon. Furthermore, Party Play introduces a new feature called Party Power, which doubles the damage of the next Charged Attack. It charges with every Fast Attack, and the more party members there are, the faster the Party Power charges. This can be particularly useful in raids, especially if there aren’t enough trainers present to tackle a challenging boss.

Party Play can prove invaluable when facing formidable raid bosses like Greavard or the upcoming Shadow Lugia Raids during the Halloween season. By teaming up with nearby friends, players can increase their chances of successfully defeating these powerful opponents. Additionally, being part of a party automatically grants players raid invites, streamlining the process of organizing raid battles.

While Party Play offers exciting possibilities, there are certain restrictions that players need to be aware of. To access raids and other features, all party members must be within the same proximity to a Pokestop. Teleporting long distances to meet up with friends is not possible. Additionally, Party Play sessions typically last for one hour before ending. However, Niantic is exploring the possibility of extending this time limit for special events, allowing players to enjoy extended periods of cooperative play.

Although Party Play stats vanish once the session ends, players can preserve memories by taking photos of notable achievements within the party. Whether it’s capturing the most Pokemon or defeating the most raids, these moments can be shared on social media platforms, allowing players to reminisce about their cooperative triumphs.

Party Play is accessible to trainers who have reached at least level 15 in “Pokemon Go.” To celebrate its release, Niantic is offering free Eevee shirts for player avatars, adding a touch of fun and novelty to the Party Play experience.

Party Play represents a significant step forward in Niantic’s ongoing commitment to fostering a sense of community and togetherness among players. By allowing them to team up, compete, and achieve shared goals, Party Play enhances the social aspect of “Pokemon Go” and creates exciting opportunities for cooperative play. So gather your friends, form a party, and embark on thrilling Pokemon-catching adventures together!


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