The Shipping Industry Risk Sentiment Index: A Revolutionary Tool for Analyzing Credit Risk

The Shipping Industry Risk Sentiment Index: A Revolutionary Tool for Analyzing Credit Risk

The International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics recently published a groundbreaking study introducing the Shipping Industry Risk Sentiment Index (SRSI). This innovative tool aims to analyze sentiment in the news media pertaining to South Korea’s shipping industry. By utilizing advanced text analysis techniques on Korean newspaper articles, the SRSI focuses on the six key factors of credit – character, capacity, capital, company, conditions, and collateral.

The research team, consisting of Sunghwa Park from Gyeongsang National University, Hyunsok Kim from Pusan National University, and Janghan Kwon and Taeil Kim from the Korea Maritime Institute, employed statistical models such as the autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) model and impulse response functions. Through these models, they identified spikes in financial risk sentiment within the news media. These spikes were often associated with increased news reporting during global financial crises and court receiverships of major Korean shipping companies.

One of the key findings of this study is the SRSI’s impressive predictive capabilities. Not only does it effectively reflect risk sentiment within the shipping industry, but it also provides valuable insights into market situations. By analyzing the impact of risk sentiment on maritime transport freight income, the SRSI can be used as a significant predictor variable for detecting credit risk in advance. These findings align with the growing recognition of sentiment indices in influencing freight rates positively.

This research is underpinned by the powerful concept of big data analysis, enabling the team to measure credit risk in the shipping industry effectively. The proposed SRSI has the potential to become an invaluable tool for government authorities in managing and supervising risk within the shipping market. The SRSI can also aid in decision-making processes. Moreover, there is an opportunity to extend this approach to the broader global shipping industry due to its interconnected nature.

Given the success of the SRSI in analyzing sentiment within South Korea’s shipping industry, there is potential for creating a Global Shipping Market News Index. Just as the SRSI has proven to be an effective tool in forecasting freight income, a global index could provide insights into credit risks and market conditions worldwide. Such a tool would not only benefit shipping industry stakeholders but also government authorities in monitoring and managing risk across borders.

The Shipping Industry Risk Sentiment Index stands as a revolutionary tool that harnesses the power of text analysis and statistical modeling to analyze credit risk sentiment. By focusing on the six C’s of credit and effectively capturing shifts in news reporting, the SRSI offers valuable predictive capabilities. As the shipping industry continues to evolve, this innovative index has significant potential in shaping decision-making processes and fostering a more resilient and informed market. The SRSI is a testament to the transformative power of big data analysis and its impact on various industries, including shipping.


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