Twitter Introduces Premium+ Subscription Plan, Igniting Controversy

Twitter Introduces Premium+ Subscription Plan, Igniting Controversy

Twitter, now known as X, has announced the launch of its new subscription plan called Premium+. Priced at $16 a month, this tier offers users the greatest boost for their replies on the platform. While the company claims that the subscription plan is designed to provide a superior user experience, it has faced criticism and sparked debate.

The Premium+ plan builds upon the existing subscription options offered by X. At $3 per month, the Blue subscription plan provides an ad-free experience, while the Premium Plan priced at $8 per month offers additional benefits. With Premium+, subscribers enjoy a blue tick next to their profile names, indicating verification. This feature enhances trust and credibility in the online space. Moreover, users who opt for the Premium+ plan also receive a visible ID verification label. These features aim to create a safer and more reliable platform for its users.

Since acquiring X a year ago for a staggering $44 billion, X’s CEO, Musk, has introduced various controversial changes to the platform. Musk’s approach to leadership has been characterized by drastic firings, cutting jobs, and reducing moderation efforts. These decisions have garnered significant backlash and criticism from both users and industry analysts.

One of Musk’s ideas was to charge all X users, a proposition that was met with widespread disapproval. Analysts argue that such a move would further diminish the platform’s appeal to advertisers. As a consequence, X’s advertising business has seen a decline, as marketers became disillusioned with the platform.

Under Musk’s leadership, X has undergone significant transformations beyond the introduction of the Premium+ subscription. The rebranding of the platform from Twitter to X signified its ambition to become an “everything app,” similar to China’s WeChat. Musk aims to create a comprehensive platform that combines socializing and financial activities.

Alongside these changes, X has also experimented with video and audio calling features, in a bid to enhance user engagement. These developments indicate the company’s efforts to adapt and evolve in the rapidly changing social media landscape.

X’s introduction of the Premium+ subscription plan brings both excitement and controversy to the platform. While the new features aim to provide a more trustworthy and secure experience, the controversial changes made by Musk have raised concerns among users and industry experts alike. Whether X’s Premium+ plan will be successful in attracting more users and advertisers remains to be seen. Nonetheless, X’s journey towards becoming an “everything app” demonstrates the platform’s determination to adapt and innovate in an increasingly competitive digital world.


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